The Gift of BeingKind

The Gift of Being Kind is All the World Needs

This website is dedicated to kindness. To suggesting ways that you can
perform anonymous random acts of kindness and spread kindness out
to the world around you.

When we touch another life in some way by a kind word or act, we can never predict all that may flow from that.  Our thoughts, words and actions are like pebbles thrown into a still pond.  Ripples radiate out from all our thoughts, words and actions affecting others.  And if some of those others are then inspired to think, speak or act kindly, the kindness ripples continue out, on and on to infinity.  We can never know how many people are influenced by the simplest of our actions.

And did you know that kind acts not only benefit others, but yourself as well?  Check out this website to find out how.  The gift of being kind is a gift you give yourself too.  Kindness is always WIN-WIN!

Now go to our Acts of Kindness page for some really cool ideas on how to be kind.  There you will find examples of letters that you can print out and send, to lighten and brighten another's days.  Be infectious!  Spread your love, joy, peace and gratitude out to a world hungry and thirsty for such small offerings.