The Gift of BeingKind

About Us

This website is the creative outpouring of two dear friends who share a vision of bringing more kindness into this world.  We are located in New Zealand.


Glenys Earle

Glenys is an energy healer, flower essence therapist, yoga teacher and Indian head massage therapist.  She is passionate about natural health and vibrational healing modalities.

Glenys has a strong technical background, with a degree in Physics, and a career of over 20 years in Information Technology.  She is currently writing a book that combines her technical knowledge of quantum physics with her expertise in vibrational medicine to bring new insights into the nature of our reality and how to achieve wellness.

In her spare time Glenys loves attending the Dances of Universal Peace or going on Insight meditation retreats.  She is often to be found helping out on the service team at her local Coromandel retreat centre, Te Moata.

Glenys is committed to inspiring truth and empowering love with compassion and joy.

She currently runs New Millennium Oils, which offers a range of organic essential oils and aromatherapy products.  Glenys previously worked as a partner in the New Millennium Essences at the cutting-edge of flower essence therapy.  She is also New Zealand National Hub Leader with The Difference.

Glenys lives in Whangamata, on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula in the North Island of New Zealand.

Sally Lawson

Sally is a lover of life, and is passionate about bringing love, laughter and positive energy to our world.  She is a certified Laughter Yoga facilitator, sings with a women's A Cappella choir, is actively involved in a local peer counselling group, and also with a local children's charity.  And Sally is also a budding singer/songwriter.

Sally has a technical career in Information Technology spanning 30 years, and she recently discovered that as well as enjoying her work with computers and geeks, she also really loves working with, and inspiring, people.  She takes a positive "Yes, AND!!!" attitude to her world (as opposed to "yes, but..."), preferring to play in the "realms of possibility".

Sally is currently in the process of training to become a professionally qualified team and life coach, so she can encourage and support others to reach their wildest dreams, in the same way that she was supported.  Another example of sharing kindness...

Sally is also passionately involved in re-imagining and visioning the possibilities and future shape of her home town of Christchurch, which was recently devastated by a series of earthquakes.

Sally lives in Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand with her teenage daughter and two delightful cats (her appreciative and generous musical audience).